Tourism & hospitality

Marbanc International actively seeks high quality tourism & hospitality assets for cash flow and capital growth opportunities

Marbanc International considers tourism & hospitality as an integral part of its diversification strategy. These assets tend to provide opportunities for substantial cost-efficiencies when projects are undertaken at scale.

Identifying solid assets and appointing capable development and asset management teams is critical to maximising profitability. Whether acquiring an existing hotel with the view to undertake a refurbishment, or creating premium five-star tourism & hospitality assets from the ground up, Marbanc International considers this an important asset class capable of generating reliable returns.

Why tourism & hospitality?

Marbanc International favours tourism & hospitality assets as part of our diversification strategy. Key characteristics that make this sector a focus area include:

What we look for

When evaluating tourism & hospitality assets Marbanc International tends to place emphasis on:

  • Distressed or undervalued assets

  • Freehold opportunities over leasehold

  • Amalgamating complimentary assets to obtain cost efficiencies

  • Development and renovation costs relative to potential yield

  • Nationally and internationally recognised assets


Marbanc International has a comprehensive network of tourism & hospitality asset specialists operating across multiple countries. We are capable of critically analysing investment propositions to ensure funding is applied diligently and for optimal benefit.

Our team is constantly in the market for compelling tourism & hospitality asset which it can control via either majority or outright ownership.

Transaction size

Generally speaking, Marbanc International will consider tourism & hospitality investment opportunities in the range of $5 million to $250 million. Larger transactions may be syndicated with third-party funders.

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