We favour cybersecurity investment opportunities due to the proliferation of scams and other security risks impacting consumers

Cybersecurity plays a pivotal role in everyday life for consumers and corporates. The significant increase in instances of data breaches, cyber attacks, phishing emails, invoice fraud, romance scams and even SMS scams around the world make this an important asset class capable of delivering positive social impact.

Marbanc International actively pursues cybersecurity investment opportunities that have global applicability. We consider this an important asset class for the evolution of the global population due to the trust and other social benefits than can be reaped by enabling consumers and corporates to transact with confidence.

Why cybersecurity

Marbanc International favours cybersecurity assets as part of our diversification strategy. Key characteristics that make cybersecurity an asset class of choice include:

What we look for

When evaluating cybersecurity opportunities Marbanc International tends to place an emphasis on:

  • Ease-of-use of the technology

  • Potential for global scalability

  • Ability to generate recurring income

  • Effectiveness of go-to-market strategy

  • Risk of compromise

  • Risk of redundancy

  • Commercial utility in everyday life

  • How maximum social benefit can be achieved


Marbanc International's team has expertise in evaluating cybersecurity investment opportunities. We appreciate the technical and functional aspects involved in establishing cybersecurity solutions and look for ways we can best leverage our resources to achieve mutually beneficial commercial outcomes.

Transaction size

Generally speaking, Marbanc International will consider cybersecurity investment opportunities in the range of $1 million to $25 million.

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