Credit is generally a capital-stable asset class capable of generating regular, reliable returns above the official cash rate

Marbanc International considers credit to be an important component of its investment portfolio due to its income-generating potential.

The shift in banking regulation over the past decade has seen many major institutions step away from corporate lending, opening the door for non-bank lenders to capitalise on the opportunity to extend credit to corporate borrowers. Near double-digit yields and sometimes higher are attainable on a secured, asset-backed basis in many first- world markets making credit a desirable asset class for many asset managers.

Why credit

Marbanc International favours credit as part of our underlying portfolio composition. Key characteristics that make credit an area of interest include:

What we look for

When evaluating credit-worthiness of a borrower, Marbanc International typically places importance on:

  • Business health

  • Debt serviceability

  • Value and marketability of security asset(s)

  • Use of funds

  • How and when the debt will be repaid


Marbanc International's team has in-house capabilities to evaluate opportunities to extend credit to corporate borrowers. We welcome enquiries from companies internationally seeking access to credit to grow their businesses in exchange for a risk-adjusted rate of return on the capital.

Transaction size

Generally speaking, Marbanc International will consider providing credit in amounts of $500k to $25 million. We may syndicate larger opportunities with other funders if we consider the opportunity is worth pursuing.

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