A globally focused asset manager with an eye for compelling opportunities

Like many private equity focused investment groups, at any one point in time our team is typically working on up to a dozen opportunities aimed at growing and further diversifying Marbanc International's balance sheet. These opportunities typically have the following characteristics:

  • They involve solving a significant problem

  • Millions of people will reap the benefits

  • Capital outlay is minimal relative to potential upside (i.e. high potential IRR (internal rate of return))

  • They have an international focus

  • A monopoly is attainable

  • Humanity will benefit from successful implementation

  • Marbanc International controls the opportunity or is at least a major shareholder

Core competencies

The key areas Marbanc International has substantial expertise in includes:

A focus on margins and control

Marbanc International's philosophy is that there are many good investment opportunities seeking funding, however the best ones are those that you find, own and control yourself.

This is why Marbanc's team are encouraged to steer away from pre-packaged investment opportunities which have had margins eroded and control foregone, and instead focus on greenfield opportunities to create value and provide control from the ground up.

This approach can mean the difference between generating a modest return on capital of 8-15% per annum versus a substantially higher double or triple-digit-plus rate of return for the same or similar capital outlay and maturity profile.

The benefits of management control, cost control and day-to-day oversight make Marbanc International's strategy compelling compared to approaches taken by many other asset managers and private investors.

A global footprint for risk management

Marbanc International's assets and board of directors are spread geographically for risk management and asset scalability purposes. This gives us substantial global reach for expanding our investment interests whilst preserving our balance sheet from the risk of geography-specific risks including war, political unrest or currency fluctuations.

In the modern era diversification of this nature is necessary and prudent due to the potential for the rapid onset of systemic and economic shocks.

A focus on the future

The rapidly changing technological environment makes it more important than ever for asset managers to be in tune with these trends and how they can be utilised to benefit their portfolio.

Marbanc International has an extensive network of tech-savvy team members including in- house team members, consultants, advisors and service providers who assist Marbanc to keep abreast of technological developments that can be used to enhance portfolio value.