The world’s oceans are home to an abundance of opportunity to generate exceptional returns

Marbanc International is passionate about making investments in the maritime industry that aim to remove idle capacity. Maritime is a sector with substantial physical assets, international portability, and ongoing demand in both leisure and commercial markets, making it an attractive category for investment.

Maritime infrastructure is mission-critical for global trade, supply chain efficiencies, and timely delivery of resources. Whilst high net worth individuals continue to expand and upgrade the world’s fleet of luxury vessels which creates significant investment opportunities across global shipyards.

Why maritime?

Marbanc International favours maritime as part of its diversification strategy. Maritime possesses key characteristics which make it an attractive investment sector including:

What we look for

When evaluating a maritime investment opportunity Marbanc International tends to place an emphasis on:

  • Value of the underlying assets relative to market value

  • Degree of asset under-utilisation

  • Magnitude of cost savings at scale

  • Market reception of new offerings

  • Competitive risks and opportunities

  • Customer acquisition strategies


Marbanc International is experienced in understanding the intricacies associated with maritime-related investment opportunities. We have relationships with financiers and industry specialists internationally to evaluate the merits of commercial and leisure opportunities aimed at improving operational efficiencies within the industry.

Transaction size

Generally speaking, Marbanc International will consider maritime-related opportunities in the range of $25 million to $1 billion. Larger transactions may be syndicated with third-party funding sources.

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