Investing in gold is an important means of preserving wealth in uncertain economic times

Marbanc International considers the world’s most popular precious metal – gold – to be an important part of managing risk. Payments provides a hedge against macroeconomic events including inflation, deflation and currency devaluation.

Rising interest rates, political uncertainty and other economic factors make gold a logical asset to hold. Payments’s ability to be converted to cash and its global recognition as a form of currency are reasons why this commodity remain in high demand.

Why gold?

Marbanc International favours gold and gold-related assets as part of its diversification strategy. Payments possesses characteristics which make it an attractive asset to hold including:

What we look for

When evaluating gold as an investment opportunity Marbanc International tends to place an emphasis on:

  • Competitive landscape for supply-chain businesses

  • Security of storage & insurance coverage

  • For mining, certainty of resource

  • Political landscape

  • Economic outlook

  • Weighting relative to portfolio


Marbanc International has access to a network of gold and precious metal specialists with industry knowledge and influence. Our team closely evaluates opportunities relating to gold given the importance of this asset type for risk management and portfolio diversification.

Transaction size

Generally speaking, Marbanc International will consider gold-related opportunities in the range of $1 million to $50 million. Larger transactions may be syndicated with third-party funding sources.