Real estate

We seek out unique residential and commercial real estate development & leasing opportunities internationally

Marbanc International actively seeks opportunities to expand its real estate portfolio due to the robust nature of this asset class. We have in-house expertise and relationships with property development partners to evaluate and activate real estate opportunities internationally.

Solid gains can be made from the development of real estate assets including subdivision, renovation and the obtaining of development approvals. Income streams can include short or long-stay leasing to residential tenants, commercial tenants or even holidaymakers.

Why real estate

Marbanc International favours real estate as part of its diversification strategy. Key characteristics that make real estate an asset class of choice include:

What we look for

When evaluating real estate opportunities Marbanc International tends to place an emphasis on:

  • Freehold land acquisition over leasehold sites

  • Distressed assets including those that have been on the market for extended periods of time

  • Real estate assets that can be renovated or re-fitted to boost yield

  • Opportunities to acquire complimentary real estate assets in the chosen area

  • Engaging with local council and other key stakeholders early to ensure development plans are achievable

  • Tourism & hospitality assets capable of generating capital gains and/or cash flow in the short-medium term


Marbanc International's team has decades of experience in identifying, developing and realising the potential of real estate assets in international markets.

Transaction size

Generally speaking, Marbanc International will consider real estate investment opportunities in the range of $10 million - $250 million. For larger transactions we may choose to syndicate the opportunity with other asset managers.

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